UpScale Mechatronics + VI-grade

We are pleased to announce that UpScale Mechatronics is now an official partner of VI-grade.

UpScale Mechatronics is proud to partner with VI-grade, a global leader in innovative vehicle development solutions. VI-grade’s hardware and software solutions revolutionize the vehicle development process, with the goal of “zero prototypes”.

As authorized Resellers and Service Partners, we are excited to offer VI-grade’s cutting-edge portfolio to our clients.

VI-grade Products

VI-grade’s comprehensive suite of real-time simulation software, professional driving simulators, and Hardware-in-the-Loop solutions are designed to accelerate product development across the transportation sector.

VI-grade’s scalable driving simulators cover a wide performance range, enabling our clients to assess a multi-disciplinary driving experience with unparalleled precision.

By leveraging these proven solutions, OEMs, suppliers, research centers, motorsport teams and universities can significantly reduce the need for physical prototypes, with the ultimate goal of Zero Prototypes.

VI-grade delivers real-time software, simulators and hardware-in-the-loop solutions that empower companies to accelerate innovation, reduce time-to-market, and gain a competitive advantage.

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UpScale Mechatronics Integration and Implementation Services

UpScale Mechatronics provides our clients with the latest advancements in engineering services. Our partnership with VI-grade reinforces our commitment to excellence.

Our services facilitate efficient integration and implementation, allowing our clients to streamline and accelerate their development processes.

Our engineers are experts in the use of VI-grade hardware and software and can help to integrate those systems into your unique environment and fully implement a system meeting your specific needs.

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