Company Overview

Welcome to Upscale Mechatronics, where engineering brilliance and innovative thinking converge. Evolving from Multicorpos, we bring a rich legacy of technical mastery and a commitment to elevating engineering standards across diverse industries.

Our mission is to empower and enhance our clients’ capabilities through transformative solutions in research, development, and project implementation. Additionally, we’re proud to introduce our cutting-edge product solutions, including state-of-the-art simulation software, professional driving simulators, and Hardware-in-the-Loop systems in partnership with VI-grade, further augmenting our ability to drive innovation across various sectors.

Our Vision: To be a beacon of engineering innovation, setting new benchmarks in both products and services. Together, we sculpt a future where ingenuity and technology unlock boundless possibilities.

Our Core Values

Crafting solutions that set new industry standards in service providing.

Striving for unmatched quality in every initiative.

Maintaining ethical, transparent, and honest practices.

Seamless Execution
Guiding projects fluidly from concept through implementation.

Client Focus
Prioritizing client needs and aspirations to deliver utmost satisfaction.

Strategic Partnership & Expertise

At Upscale Mechatronics, we pride ourselves on being more than just consultants. We are your strategic partner, facilitating a seamless transition from expert consulting to hands-on implementation, ensuring well-planned projects and excellent execution. Our commitment is to understand your unique challenges and to devise solutions that align with your goals, enabling your organization to navigate the complexities of your industry with confidence and foresight.

Embark on a Journey with Us

Join us in a journey of innovative and transformative solutions. From strategic consulting to hands-on implementation, explore our diverse services, experience our impact, and let’s shape the future of engineering together.